Swiss QR-invoice

The QR-invoice will replace the ISR in mid-2020.

exemple facture qr


All current payment slips will be replaced by the QR-invoice and will be printable in black and white by a standard printer.
It will be characterized by a QR code with a Swiss cross in the middle of it.
All information in the QR code will be displayed in text.


Scan your Swiss QR-bills with our Android/iPhone application and our Windows/Mac OS application will take care of entering invoice information into your software.

Ready for Swiss QR-invoices

From mid-2020 will be introduced the Swiss QR invoices, be ready to scan your invoices thanks to our application!


Easily customize the application to work with your software.

Free application !

Scan today, for free and simply, your ISR invoices and from 2020 your QR-invoices with the same application.

Easy to use

After logging into the Android/iPhone and Windows/Mac OS application, simply scan your Swiss QR-bill and the fields in your software will be directly filled.

Win time

Do not waste time manually entering your invoice data!

To save money

No need to buy an additional device just to enter your bills, your only smartphone is enough!


Completely free !



Unlimited use

  • No invoice limits


Scan your QR-invoices and BVR by downloading the Android/iPhone application on your smartphone !

Create your Swiss QR-invoice

You can generate your Swiss QR-invoice using the postfinance tool free of charge. : QR generator